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'Twas The Night Before Christmas!'

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Well that's it! All the procrastinating, planning, preparation, purchasing, and praying has been done!

It's a strange feeling, a bit like the calm that descends over you after that last frantic shopping trip on Christmas Eve. Some of you out there might be saying 'Adrian it's only a man thing', but I'm not so sure. The last post has delivered, the last shop has shut, even DHL, Parcel Force, UPS, DPD, Hermes and Yodel (Yodel? Where did that name come from I'd be shouting, not yodeling, at the delivery driver as he disappears down the street having crept up to my door and put the 'Whilst you were out.....card through the door) can save you now. You're just left to pour yourself a festive drink, or three, grab a few mince pies and wrap, hoping that in under 12 hours your loved ones will appreciate those efforts during the last minute rush!

As the philosopher Mr Ali G once said, tomorrow it all starts - 'For Real'!

So, my son who shares the house that doubles as Forked HQ and is disappearing under paraphernalia, will no longer have to stumble over the ever increasing quantities. My daughter, who doubles as the Official Forked Photographer, won't get the last minute call, 'I know it's your day off, but please can you drop by with your camera, screen, lights etc'. My Mum and Dad, who at a time in their life should be able to worry less about their offspring, have offered gallons of support, whilst probably thinking 'What the hell has he done now.......will he never grow up......and what is Street Food anyway? And my partner who has used her considerable past experiences, given up time from her own business, taken the unpaid role of Director of Detailed Planning, Bearer of Burdens and Worries (whilst I was in a state of glorious oblivion) who can now (hopefully) start to relax as the till starts to ring. And lastly thank you to my friends for the encouragement and support. Thank you all for putting up with me over the last few months.

It all starts tomorrow in Southgate Place, Bath. Forked, crosses those fingers, fires up the griddle, slaps on the tastiest sausages, mashes some sumptuous mash and hopes hordes of folk dive in and munch contentedly. Returning frequently would be appreciated, spreading the word would be amazing.

I look forward to meeting you all and making some new friends.

This was written post 'last day cerebral melt down' (refer to The Lancet for full list of symptoms) and at haste so please, E&OE!

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