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Please Sir Can I have Some More

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Coming Up For Air!

Wow! 31 days on the trot, what an experience! Now an 11 Day break and then heading for the 42 day ‘stretch’ to Christmas! Must be mad! The one disappointment is that it has taken me 5 weeks to write another blog. The acronym BEBO apparently stood for Blog Early, Blog Often, in my case Blog Eventually Blog Occasionally!

Very few people might get the opportunity to experience a 31 day ‘stretch’, let alone the 42 days! 16 hours a day! If you do, head for the hills! There does come a time when you won’t know which way is up, and even counting sausages becomes a problem! Getting up at ‘sparrows’ I’d try to think what day is it – but when you work 7 days a week that becomes a challenge! And anyway, if you know where you’re supposed to be, that’s more important! Just get there, at some point you’ll work out which day it is! Believe me it is true, I’ve been there!

I’ve made a lot of new friends, my co-workers ‘The Forked Angels’, fellow market traders and the customers, especially the regulars! Any names that follow have not been changed so as to incriminate the guilty!

The Director of Detailed Planning, Bearer of Burdens and Worries (DDPBBW - see previous post) is still in the role and has been a rock, keeping me from stepping over the edge, and reigning in my laissez faire approach to the disaster that was approaching! I’m sure she’s only catastrophizing! As a result we crawled over the 31st October finishing line making a profit! Although at the rate per hour I’ll be reporting myself to the authorities for paying sub the minimum wage!

The number of customers who, having purchased their portion of S&M, and took the trouble to come back and say how great they tasted was gratifying. Those that came back a day later for seconds, and the day after that for thirds etc was fantastic. Patricia (and her husband) from Argentina and Rob from Westbury who bought seconds, minutes after finishing their firsts was staggering. Rob would have bought thirds, but was running late for an appointment! Thanks to all the Forked customers!

‘The Forked Angels’ all settled in well and kept going when the going got tough. A whispered ‘Adrian.......help!’ was the only warning I got from Tricia that she had set fire to a dish cloth! During a quieter moment she mused ‘Do you think the 101 Dalmatians is a true story?’ ‘Tricia do the maths, 101 puppies, 6 – 8 to a litter, 3 months gestation period, that’s 4 years giving birth without a break! Do you think it could be true?’ I said. ‘I suppose not’........ it appears we both missed the fact that the puppies hadn’t all come from the same parents, a point made by the DDPBBW when I recounted the story to her later!

My neighbour on the market, The Chai Wallah, AKA Mowgli from the planet Vega is wondering what he has done wrong to be situated between two traders one selling S&M and the other Burgers! Who manages to convert who is still open to conjecture! My OCD is at the opposite end of the spectrum from his approach to business ‘it’s the Indian Way’ he says as his sign falls down! Recently, as the banter was going back and forth Karen commented ‘You’re like a married couple’! Something that the DDPBBW is increasingly concerned about, and is adamant he is not accompanying us to our post Christmas trip to the East!

Despite protests from Mowgli I have been exploiting my PRS licence to educate the good folk of Bath whilst I feed them, and have been treating them to the very best of the country’s premier ‘wordsmith’ Mr Ian Dury – for some reason random play just keeps selecting his greatest!

So tomorrow is.........well day 1 of the 42!

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